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"I read to escape. I write for the same reason. Sometimes life is difficult, so for just a little while, escape reality with me." 

~Cheri Schmidt




Fateful Is Published

Cheri wrote and published Fateful, the first book in the Fateful Vampire Trilogy, a story that had been roiling her thoughts until she finally put it on paper.


Fateful on Audio

Remembering the wonder of having a story read to you, Cheri decided to turn Fateful into an audiobook.

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A Vampire Wedding

In order to grow the world of Fateful Vampires and explore new stories, Tristan Hunt (the narrator of Cheri’s audiobooks) began ghostwriting with Cheri. The first book completely with his help was a novella focused on the wedding of Sir Max, the Vampire Knight, and Lady Nadia.

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USA Today

The plan worked. Vampire Knights won Cheri her first title of USA Today Bestselling Author, something which she has now achieved three times!

Cheri A Schmidt

The Story Behind The Stories

Having come from an artistic background as a photographer and designer, and never knew she could even write until the stories inside her head began haunting her.

Since first publishing in 2011, Cheri has become a three-time USA Today bestseller, landing in the top 100 science fiction/fantasy authors on Amazon. Cheri writes from her home in Utah within the shadow of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

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