Where to begin?

The reading order for all three series is as follows:

Original Fateful 2-13-18-kindle.jpg

1. Fateful

2. Fractured

3. Forever

4. The Order of Curse-Bound Knights

5. Vampire Knights

6. Little Witch & The Big Bad Werewolf

7. A Vampire Wedding

8. A Vampire Masquerade

9. A Vampire Holiday

10. Fateful Encounter

11. Fractured Bliss


Magic. Romance. Vampires. Knights.

What more could a woman want?

Find out why hundreds of thousands of readers have fallen in love with this series!

Taken by the Time Dancer bk2-FINAL-b&w kindle 3-15-18.jpg

1. Time Dancer

2. Taken by the Time Dancer

3. Trial of the Time Dancer


A time-traveling cowboy from the Old West meets his match in a savvy city girl from present-day New York!

Billy the kid meets Back to the Future and 'the hilarity ensues!' Time Dancer is a romantic romp THROUGH the ages!

7-23-18 Sleeping Beauty's Untimely Murder-Schmidt and Hunt-final print7-24-18.jpg

1. Sleeping Beauty's Very Untimely Murder

2. Sleeping Beauty's Very Magical Awakening


A deliciously romantic, paranormal reimagining of the classic fairy tale!

An evil prince. An improper earl. A murder to solve.